Trevor and Lexi Baker

The Values That Define Us

In the middle of our crazybusy life, our values keep us grounded and give us purpose. They’re an accumulation of the things we were taught by our parents and the things we’ve learned for ourselves. These are pillars that have guided us on our road to success and will continue to propel us forward in the future.  


Our faith is our center. It’s what brings us joy during our most incredible successes and our hope and comfort when things aren’t going the way we might have planned. We understand that God has a greater plan and He will work everything together for our good. 


We make time to nurture our marriage because it’s at the heart of everything we do. Above all else, we are a team, both in business and in life. It’s incredibly special to have someone by your side who challenges you to become the best version of yourself and selflessly puts your needs ahead of their own. The bond we share is unlike anything else. 


Raising our children is our biggest passion in life. They give us purpose, and inspire us to be the best possible role models. As parents, our hope is that we can instill strong values in them that they will carry throughout their lives. 

Glen and Joya Baker are Trevor’s parents and we have learned so much from them. Watching their journey over the years has taught us that with hard work and dedication, the blessings are unending! We wouldn’t be where we are without their influence and guidance! 


We are passionate about intentional health and wellness. Trevor loves a good CrossFit™ workout, while Lexi loves swimming, running, Pilates, and yoga. Lexi had some health challenges in the past, so we’ve made it our mission to find healthy foods the whole family can enjoy together (we are big fans of Paleo!). 

While physical health is important, an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle is key: mind, body, and spirit. We believe continuous growth in all areas of wellness is essential.  


Our entrepreneurial spirit is one of the things that gets us out of bed in the morning. We’ve made the decision that we don’t want to wait for things to happen; we want to take personal responsibility to make them happen and bring others along on our journey. 

We are defined by the values we’ve established and how well we stay true to them. Though we aren’t always perfect, we know that if we strive to get just a little bit better every day, success is inevitable.