Three Ways To Support Your Local School

by | May 15, 2020 | Philanthropy

Schools all over the country serve as a hub for academics, social services, and character-building. Many of us can recall a notable moment created by a life-changing teacher, supportive counselor, or transformative class, that went on to impact our lives in a meaningful way. Schools are indispensable. But they become even more powerful with help from their communities. Here are three ways to support your local school. 

1. Volunteer

One popular way to show school support is through volunteerism. Teachers and administrators have multiple volunteer opportunities available. Below are a few examples of common school needs:

  • Copy room assistance
  • Tutors
  • Test administers
  • PTSO
  • Chaperones

For more information on specific volunteer openings, reach out to the front office at your local school. 

2. Vote

You can make a huge difference with something as simple as your vote. Local elections are often forgotten, resulting in low voter turnout rates. However, elections often affect schools in a big way. Elected officials, propositions, and bond proposals can impact educational institutions’ funding, curriculum standards, staffing and much more. If you’d like to help your state’s schools thrive, it’s important to understand that your vote matters. Research upcoming ballot topics, speak to teachers and become an informed voter. 

3. 501(c)(3) Donations

The final way you can support your local school is through financial contributions. Although many schools are funded by state and federal dollars, most still don’t receive enough money to accomplish all their goals. This is why donations are greatly appreciated. Thankfully, public schools fall within our country’s classification of non-profit organizations, qualifying them as 501(c)(3) entities. This means you can give a monetary donation to your school of choice and receive a tax deduction in return. (Find a more detailed explanation, click here.)

By standing behind schools, you have the ability to enrich the lives and futures of the children in your community. If you’d like to give back, start with these three ways to support your local school.