Three In-Demand Skills To Develop In The New Normal

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Self-Improvement

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken many of us by surprise. Just like that, it seems like we are all forced to say goodbye to a world we have always known. All of a sudden we have to accept and adjust to what is now being collectively known as the “new normal.”  It is completely understandable to grieve about the old ways of life and fret over the future that lies ahead. Yet it is also important to remember that we cannot dwell on sad emotions for too long. If you wish to survive and prosper in the new world, the ideal move is to get ready for it. One way to do it is by investing in ventures that will increase your knowledge and widen your competencies. You can start by looking at skills that will be more in-demand in the post COVID-19 world. The following are a few:

Video editing and graphic skills.

Since so many establishments have suspended or stopped their operations, people have been looking for creative ways to entertain themselves at home. This could mean that knowing how to create and edit online video content will be an impressive skill to add to your resume. You can also use this skill to publish your own video content and earn a profitable income even while at home. Since online content is not always in a video format, you may also want to learn how to create aesthetically pleasing content by trying your hand at graphic design. You can practice using tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite. There are also free sites that you can access online such as Crello and Pixlr.  

Software development skills.

From shopping, communicating, studying, and working, dependence on online platforms has significantly increased during this pandemic. This trend shows no signs of slowing down so equipping yourself with skills and knowledge in software development is a wise move. It is a wide field so you can choose which area to specialize in. You can sign up for a course that will teach you how to create websites or develop mobile apps. Studying concepts related to data analytics and cybersecurity are viable options as well.

Online marketing skills.

Along with school and work, the marketplace is also shifting online. This prompts the need for businesses of all sizes to learn how to promote products and services in the World Wide Web. So if you want skills that will be indispensable in the new normal, you may want to read up about tactics that make online marketing work. This is another broad field to explore so it is best to start on the basics and choose which area to focus on.

Are you still a bit confused about which path to take during this global health crisis? As the scientist, Charles Darwin said, survival is not about the strongest or smartest creature, but the ability to adapt to change. Thus, instead of resisting and mulling the changes happening around, it is better to think about what to do to prepare for the new normal. And in these uncertain times, one of the best things you can do is to invest in knowledge and education.