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Want A Happier & Healthier Lifestyle? Time To Examine The Company You Keep

Want A Happier & Healthier Lifestyle? Time To Examine The Company You Keep

“People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person, or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.” ~ Plato

The quest for lasting happiness and good health is as old as time. Countless books have been written and various studies have been done to discover how we can experience genuine bliss and satisfaction. Likewise, people are in constant search for ways to strengthen their physical body and improve overall health.

Our obsession for attaining ultimate joy led to many theories and recommendations that make leading a happy and healthy lifestyle appear to be a complicated process. The result of a certain research study immensely simplifies it. This 2014 study published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS One), suggests that the key to a rewarding lifestyle is as easy as surrounding yourself with friends that have a pleasant disposition in life. Apparently, good habits and positive emotions are contagious, so to be healthier and happier, the people you regularly spend time with are an important factor. The positive influence of your association with good people may even matter more than any medication or treatment available. So go ahead and be choosy in selecting people to hang out with. The following reminders can help ensure that you are in good company:

Radiate positivity yourself

Good-natured people will easily come into your life if you start by being the person you want to meet. So drop the pessimism and train yourself to always see the good side of everything.

Avoid or let go of toxic people

People who constantly threaten your safety and crush your spirit are like weeds in the garden. You cannot fully bloom if you do not pull them out of your life. This process may be painful or difficult since people who always put you down can be dear friends or family members. However, keeping up with their negative behaviors will not help them either. You may even do them a favor by keeping a distance because they might realize their destructive attitude and change for the better.

Elevate your standards

You can fully control the people who enter your life by setting standards about the kind of friends you want. It may be a wise idea to mingle with the folks who share your virtues and passions. Another good option is to make friends with people whom you admire. When you spend time with them, you are likely to pick up their useful habits and imitate their impressive personality. Being picky with friends does not make you a snub. In a way, it is being aware of your self-worth and the kind of people you deserve.

Aim for deep & lasting friendships

In this era of social media, some people tend to perceive friendship as something as easy as clicking a button. But if you make friends this way, folks can go in and out of your life in a flash that you deprive yourself the benefits of forming lasting connections. This is crucial in life satisfaction because a research conducted by Wayne State University revealed the link between happiness and close friendships. So instead of shallow acquaintances, nurture relationships by exerting efforts to keep true friends once you found them. Rather than being concerned with the number of friends in your circle, aim for deep friendships even with just a few people.

The above points suggest that positive relationships hold the key to maintaining good health and increasing happiness. So, if you want to enrich your lifestyle, it may be time to examine the company you keep.

Trevor and Lexi BakerWant A Happier & Healthier Lifestyle? Time To Examine The Company You Keep
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How To Make Sure Every Day Is A Good One

How To Make Sure Every Day Is A Good One

Not every day goes as planned. In fact, each day arguably comes with its own setbacks and surprises. But just because there might be a kink in your day, doesn’t mean it still can’t be a good one. In the spirit of recognizing the extraordinary within your everyday life, become aware and make the most of your circumstances. You don’t need to treat yourself to a new gadget or buy yourself a steak dinner for your day to be considered a good one. After a while of practicing intentional positivity, living an optimistic life will no longer be a choice – optimism will become your lifestyle.  Just make intentional choices throughout your day that brightens your perspective and promotes a positive mindset. Here is how to make sure every day is a good one.

Switch up the ambiance

Consider lighting a candle with a refreshing scent while you work or fold laundry. Make a playlist of new and upbeat songs to accompany you while you carry out your everyday responsibilities, if you’re a good multitasker, or during small breaks, if you’re not. Move your work area near a window if possible – natural light guarantees a fresh perspective and lifted spirits. Whatever it is, change one thing about your everyday atmosphere. You will be feeling refreshed in no time.

Stop justifying

Stop justifying what you eat, how you spend your free time or your taste in music. Whatever makes you feel the happiest and whatever makes you feel the most you is perfectly acceptable. Break the habit of trying to explain your choices and your lifestyle to yourself and to others. If you free yourself from this mindset, your days will certainly be filled with more positive thoughts.


Smile more – even if you don’t feel like it. The familiar feeling of a smile sends a message of positivity to your brain even if you’re not actually happy about anything in particular. Your smile also radiates this positivity so others experience it as well. So don’t ever go through a day without smiling, and don’t ever doubt the power of your smile. The optimism that comes with it is startling.

Accept compliments and give compliments to others

Accepting compliments isn’t always easy. In some cases, accepting compliments has become a completely lost art. However, being able to politely acknowledge a compliment can undoubtedly boost your mood and your confidence. Instead of making an excuse as to why you’re so good at what you do, reply with a simple and a self-aware “thank you.” Likewise, give these compliments to others. It’s the art of giving that makes you feel a little happier too.

Trevor and Lexi BakerHow To Make Sure Every Day Is A Good One
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