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Things To Remember If You Are Thinking of Embracing Slow Living

Things To Remember If You Are Thinking of Embracing Slow Living

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
Mohandas K. Gandhi

For some time, our notion of a successful life is that of a busy one. People who are always on the go are seen as more productive and efficient. Although being busy is indeed a way to attain our dreams and goals, pushing yourself outside of your limits can lead to more problems than benefits. The demands of living in a fast-paced society can cause mental and physical exhaustion which can then ultimately lower the quality of your life. To escape the stress that comes from a hectic lifestyle, some people are promoting the adoption of slow living which encourages people to embrace a laidback lifestyle. This philosophy teaches that avoiding the demands of a chaotic lifestyle is a way towards happiness and wellness.

However, slow living is prone to be misunderstood. One misconception is that it only means spending idle and meaningless days. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking can take away the beauty of leading this kind of life. If you wish to experience its benefits, start by erasing the myths and misconceptions surrounding it; some of which are discussed below:

Slow living is not choosing to lag behind.

The modern lifestyle encourages people to be competitive and stay ahead. For this reason, many may view slow living as a decision to stay behind. This is a wrong concept suggesting that a slow lifestyle is fit for those lacking ambition. But this lifestyle is not about doing things as slowly as possible. Slow living simply frees people from the stress of a frenzied life. Instead of always rushing, slow living chooses to focus on a single task than working on multiple projects at once. This approach can result in producing excellent work that can pave the way for self-growth and development.

Slow living is not being lazy.

If you want to adopt a slow lifestyle because you are thinking of idle days ahead, think again. Slow living is not for the lazy. It does not promote doing less or nothing at all. Rather, it means letting go of doing too many things at a time so you can allot time for rest and relaxation. Living slowly means loving yourself more because you know that self-care is a prerequisite for achieving great things. It means considering your needs along with the tasks you need to do. Slow living may even be a way to be more productive which is contradictory to being lazy. 

Slow living does not reject modern technology.

Slow living advises people to unplug, causing many to assume that it hates modern technology.  However, the philosophy of slow living is merely a reminder to not allow the online world to take over our lives. People following a slow lifestyle stay informed about the latest in technology but are careful about spending too much time online so they would not neglect more important things in life.

We all want our days to be easy and carefree so it may be a good idea to consider a slow lifestyle. However, if you wish to gain the rewards of a slow lifestyle, it is important to understand the true essence behind this idea.

Trevor and Lexi BakerThings To Remember If You Are Thinking of Embracing Slow Living
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3 Confidence Building Activities to Try with Your Mentee

3 Confidence Building Activities to Try with Your Mentee

Mentorship includes advising, inspiring and supporting those who rely on your guidance, but the buck doesn’t stop there. There may be times when your mentee feels defeated, unsure or insecure. In those moments, you can help provide the boost of confidence they need to move forward with assurance. Here are three confidence building activities to try with your mentee.

1. The Past – Gratitude

When we put all our focus on constant progress, we tend to forget how far we’ve come. Attempting to learn new skills can rattle the confidence of even the most determined go-getters, but taking a stroll down memory lane can help. To bolster confidence, encourage your mentee to think of ten accomplishments they are proud of. Remind them that just as they conquered those giants, their greatest feats are yet to come.

2. The Present – Affirmations

Another way to build confidence is to affirm the positive. Encourage your mentee to form a daily ritual that includes a set of verbal affirmations. Before deciding what should be said, talk to your mentee about their insecurities and fears. Use the conversation’s revelations to counter those stumbling blocks in the affirmations you create. For example, if your mentee is insecure about realizing their full potential, a great affirmation may be, “I am qualified and capable of achieving all my goals and dreams through hard work and planning.” 

3. The Future – Speak It Into Existence

The last practice for confidence building will encourage your mentee to look toward the future and speak their success into existence. This activity is about manifesting good things in life by envisioning their presence. Sometimes we hold ourselves back or worsen our own anxieties by imagining our downfall instead of dwelling on the opposite. The poet Erin Hanson said it best, 

“And you ask ‘What if I fall?’

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?”

It is completely normal to experience times of doubt, but you don’t have to let those periods of negativity hold your mentee back. With these three confidence building practices that address the past, present, and future, they will experience a shift in perspective from all angles. Your mentee can do anything they set their mind to, they just need the reminder.

Trevor and Lexi Baker3 Confidence Building Activities to Try with Your Mentee
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