Weary Weather: How to Stay Active in Winter 

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Health

Rain, snow, hail, wildfire smoke … ever feel like bad weather is nature’s way of telling you not to work out today? Terrible weather can put a real damper on your motivation, especially if you’re someone who enjoys getting active in the open, outside air.  Luckily, there are some awesome ways to get moving even if you have to stay in winter! And even better news: You don’t need fancy workout equipment on hand to get a good sweat in. Take our advice to get moving no matter where you’re at. 

Say hello to streaming.  

A person holds up a remote control with a tv in the background.

There’s nothing wrong with an at-home workout! Just like you watch your favorite shows on Netflix™ or Hulu™, you can now get a good workout in from the comfort of your own home. 

Peloton® is a great streaming option, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big, fancy bike or treadmill to use their app! They offer things like barre, HIIT classes, meditation, bootcamps, and more that require little to no equipment. Make it simple and head over to YouTube™ to stream quick, effective at-home workouts! Test it out by trying this low-impact workout to get started. With so many options right at your fingertips, you no longer have to be in a gym setting for trainer-based workouts. Just head to your TV and press play … simple as that! 

Stretch it out.  

A woman stands in front of her window with her arms stretched up.

We get into this mindset that we always have to be doing intense workouts in order to see results. The reality? Sometimes what we really need is a good 5-minute stretch.  We get it: Stretching isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. And honestly, sometimes it kind of hurts, which is why so many of us avoid it at all costs.   

But it’s a good idea to make this a part of your daily routine, whether it fits in best in the mornings or at night. Put together your own stretching ritual, or take a look at this list to find some that you might like!  

Add it to your daily activities. 

A person is in mid-air jumping onto a grey couch.

Sitting down on the couch? Do five burpees first! Feeling that afternoon slump? Get up and do 10 jumping jacks! Planning movement into your day is always ideal, but there are some days when it’s just not possible no matter how hard you try. That’s why it’s important to get active whenever you can! And yes, that might mean a few crunches right before heading to bed.  

Get your family involved! Have the kids get up and clean their rooms or put their toys away to a song you have playing. Another idea is to set up an impromptu family dance party to get some energy out!  

Keep your body moving and stay active in winter! 

Just because the weather is forcing you to stay indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. In fact, there are plenty of things to do to get moving right in your own living room. Get creative and get your sweat on! 

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