10 Ways to Serve Others Together: Fall Edition 

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Marriage and Family, Philanthropy

Our faith is our top core value, with family following right behind it. And because of our faith, we are compelled to serve others. The positive impact we make in this world is far greater than any other accomplishment we have or ever will acquire.  

Although we love finding ways to make serving others a priority in our family, fall and the holiday seasons bring unique opportunities to make a difference in our communities. 

10 Ways to Serve Others as a Family 

Serving others is a joy, so imagine the impact you can make by serving as a family. We’ve gathered 10 ways to serve others TOGETHER this fall season.  

A person hands a bowl of food to another.

1. Serve at a food bank or backpack drive. 

Although there are always ways to serve others year-round, the fall season creates extra demand for help throughout the community. For instance, with fall comes back-to-school events, including backpack and school supply drives. Take your kids out to do school shopping for families in need. Check with your local churches or school districts to find out how you can participate even further by helping organize and load up backpacks at the drive! 

Secondly, as the holiday season approaches during the fall, so will the need for help at food banks or soup kitchens. Again, check your local churches or government website to find opportunities that are kid-friendly so that the entire family can serve the community in this profound way.  

2. Rake leaves, do yard work, or shovel snow for the elderly. 

What seem like small acts of kindness to us may mean the world to someone else. If you have an elderly friend, neighbor, grandparent, or acquaintance, offer a hand with their yard work. Not only will this spread kindness and positivity, but the whole family will have so much fun working together to accomplish a goal together.  

Two volunteers wearing red gloves help pick up trash.

3. Pick up trash around your neighborhood or a local park. 

Helping out your neighborhood and community by picking up trash is possibly the simplest way to serve others. You won’t need to plan, coordinate, or organize to head to a local park or walk around your neighborhood to clean up rubbish. Just be sure to bring a trash bag and disposable gloves to protect the family from yucky germs.  

4. Donate toys and clothes. 

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but the changing of seasons during this time of year is also a great time to prepare for the holidays with some fall cleaning. This is a great time to remind yourself and the whole family how blessed you are to have the comforts of a home, clothes, treasured possessions. Don’t just have your kids pick out what they want to donate; take them with you when you drop off the items.  

A basket of cookies sits on a table with small pumpkins in the background.

5. Bake goodies for the neighbors. 

Fall and the holiday season means it’s time for baking! Whether you bake a pie together or bake and decorate fall themed sugar cookies, delivering them to your neighbors is sure to brighten their day! 

6. Write handwritten cards for friends and loved ones. 

A “just because” handwritten card is the best kind. It’s a simple yet effective way to deliver the message to a friend or family member that they are loved. As Thanksgiving approaches, what a perfect time to remind others how much they mean to you.  

An animal shelter volunteer holds a black and white puppy in their arms.

7. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 

Another way to volunteer is at an animal shelter! Not only will the shelter be thankful for help, but your kids will be able to love on and cuddle with dogs and cats to their heart’s content. It’s so fun to give back as a family!  

8. Visit a nursing home together. 

Sometimes, all that’s needed to serve others is your presence. Reach out to local nursing homes to schedule a time to come in for a visit. Listen to their stories, ask them questions, or read them a book.  What a special way for the whole family to show the elderly how appreciated and valued they are.  

9. Create a care package for your local fire station. 

The end of summer means the end of fire season for many states. Show your appreciation to your firefighters. Make some extra baked goodies and handwritten notes and head over to the local fire station!  

A person holds a family cutout in their hands over a wooden surface.

10. Serve one another at home. 

As you set out to serve others in your neighborhood and community, remember that you can serve one another right at home. Encourage kindness, generosity, and gratitude as a family. One way to do this is to regularly practice family gratitude together! 

Serve Others Together 

Serving others obviously makes an impact on those around you. But when you serve as a family, you’re creating a legacy that will change the world for the better long after you’re gone. Your family will change for the better when you serve together. 

Among other life lessons for your kids, learning how to serve others well will give them confidence! Check out our blog on other ways to build positive self-esteem in your children