Marriage & Family

When asked if he has hobbies, Trevor Baker doesn’t hesitate to joke that his wife, Lexi, has hobbies. It’s clear from the sound of his voice that he adores her. He goes onto say, “My hobbies, though? My hobbies are Lexi and our girls.” By “our girls,” of course, he means his and Lexi’s twin daughters. Trevor absolutely loves being a dad. His girls are the lights of his life.

Trevor and Lexi are lucky in that they get to be full-time parents and full-time husband and wife. Unlike most people who have to split up their family on a daily basis, the Bakers get to fill their days with the joys inherent in watching your kids grow and learn. They don’t have to pack up each morning or kiss each other goodbye over coffee and a newspaper. Their girls don’t have to end up being raised by babysitters—they get to have mom and dad all day, every day.

The Bakers are so thankful for these opportunities and for the life path they’ve gone down that has afforded them the ability to stay home with the kids. Even in the best of traditional circumstances, one parent gets to stay home while the other spends long hours at the office. Trevor and Lexi never wanted that for themselves or for their kids, so they worked hard to manifest a better reality.

That reality also allows them to focus on their marriage more than most other couples. Because Trevor and Lexi share all of the same core values and beliefs, they have a very rich, deep, and meaningful marriage. They’ve been married since they were twenty-one years old, and their relationship has only strengthened with time. The Bakers take pride in the strength of their marriage and want to help other couples reach the kind of peace of mind that comes with knowing that your spouse is your number one supporter.

Lexi and Trevor recognize that they might have been successful apart from one another, but they feel like they’re so much more fulfilled because they’ve created a legacy together.


“Lexi and I have always had a deep, burning desire to do something significant with our lives. We wanted to make an impact, not just exist,” Trevor Baker has said of his and Lexi’s drive to help others.

When they first started out as a real estate assistant and a waitress, Trevor and Lexi were in no position to help themselves, much less other people.

They make it a priority to give back to their community, and they relish the opportunities they’ve had to spread joy to impoverished and struggling communities around the world.

Trevor and Lexi are very conscious about executing sustainable philanthropic efforts wherever they go. They’d rather teach a man to fish than leave him hungry once they’ve gone. And when they can’t make a physical contribution through labor or other means, they feel blessed to be able to donate to the causes that they care about.

Above all else, the Bakers choose charities to support whose values align with their own: faith, family, health, and freedom. As such, the nonprofits that they give their time and money to are family-oriented, largely Christian organizations, and they’re concerned with the health, freedom, and well-being of citizens around the globe.

At the end of the day, Trevor and Lexi Baker™ feel so incredibly blessed in their own lives that they can’t help but want to spread that feeling. They also hope to instill that sort of servant leadership in their daughters. They want them to grow up with thankful hearts that are ready and willing to help others. In doing so, they’re creating a legacy of philanthropy that they hope will continue on long after they’re gone.


Trevor Baker lives a life of purpose. He is very intentional about everything he does, so when he decided to pursue business ownership at a young age, he didn’t enter into it lightly. He knew that the cost of success was time and effort, but because he’d already seen the payout, he was ready to make the sacrifice, no matter what.

Growing up in a household that prized entrepreneurship and overflowed with the benefits reaped by it, Trevor became familiar at a young age with “the good life.”

He didn’t want to rest on his parents’ laurels, though. Trevor wanted to build a successful business for himself; he wanted to earn the lifestyle he’d grown accustomed to. He threw himself into making that dream a reality, and not too long after that, he was able to achieve total financial freedom.

So, what is the Baker lifestyle like? It’s amazing, to say the least. Their financial freedom lets them travel the world, no strings attached. Their house is spectacular; their cars are top-notch, and they never want for anything. Just like Trevor did, his daughters are growing up with every advantage in life, and they get to have both of their parents home with them every single day of the week.