Our Story

Trevor Baker, a successful entrepreneur and business leader, was born in Southern California to a dual-income family. When Trevor was only five years old, his parents had become frustrated with their current situation, and they recognized the need for change in their life. As a result, they began pursuing relationships with and eventually earned the mentorship of several very successful entrepreneurs who began mentoring them to change the way they made money. Through that mentorship, they were able to build a debt-free, cash-flow asset that afforded them the ability to walk away from their jobs at twenty-eight and thirty-three years old, stepping into a lifestyle most only dream of.

Growing up in a household of successful entrepreneurs, Trevor’s childhood was anything but average. His parents were not only full­-time parents, but they were also full­-time husband and wife to one another. Traveling the world, purchasing amazing homes, driving amazing cars, as well as spending time on private yachts and aircraft were just a few of the experiences that formed much of Trevor’s upbringing.

At eighteen, having no concept of the reality of confined conditions most people experience, Trevor ventured down the traditional path. The all-too-common, “Go to school,  get a good education, so you can get a good job” mentality fell right in line with traditional societal standards, so he began his higher education. After one year of his university career, Trevor recognized that he was not putting himself in the greatest position to succeed in life. Struggling with the thought of being taught entrepreneurship from those who had never owned a business, he recognized the disparity between certification and qualification. Although his teachers may have been certified, examining at the results in their own lives, they were not qualified to be teaching entrepreneurship and success principles, as Trevor quickly realized.

He also realized that he would not create the life he desired pursuing the traditional path, so he dropped out of college and acquired traditional employment as a means to fund his living situation. Meanwhile, he began pursuing intentional relationships with people that had the results in life he desired.

At twenty, Trevor proposed to Lexi, his long distance girlfriend of one year, and the two began to plan their lives together. Recognizing the vast disparity between the life they desired and their current reality, they came to grips with the fact that their current path of employment in the real estate and restaurant industries, would never give them the life they desired. Despite all of the aspirations they had for themselves, their life was falling far short of their expectations. They recognized the necessity for mentorship in their lives, and they got honest about the fact that their best thinking got them where they were, and their best thinking was not gonna get them where they want to go. They needed someone to come into their lives and help them begin to make decisions differently than they had made decisions up until that point.

Having had this revelation, Trevor sought out the help of his parents, much in the same way his parents had pursued mentorship when Trevor was younger. It took some time and some convincing, but because of Trevor and Lexi’s dedication and persistence, the Bakers agreed to mentor them, as well as open doors to the incredible mentors and connections that had impacted their lives.

As Trevor and Lexi were being educated and evaluated by their potential mentors, they were also evaluating those who would wind up mentoring them. Through this process, they recognized that this new association made decisions vastly differently than anyone in their previous sphere of influence. They were living life through a firmly held set of beliefs in clearly defined areas of life: their values. As a result, these people were not just rich in finances, but truly prospering in every area of life. This prospering is what Trevor refers to as “holistic success.”

Because of these key relationships, Trevor and Lexi went on a journey of identifying their own personal values and have committed to living their life through them. The values they uphold include: faith, marriage, family, health, living debt-­free, and living a life of significance.

These values became the lens and the filter through which Trevor and Lexi would make decisions in life. When they changed the way they looked at things, the things they looked at changed.

Today, after being mentored to become entrepreneurs at twenty years old, they are now completely debt­-free millionaires. This gave them the ability to walk away from their jobs at twenty-­four and twenty­-five years old and to become full­-time husband and wife as well as full-­time parents to their three children. They now mentor thousands of entrepreneurs and are asked to speak to tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders all over North America.

They believe that, “To whom much is given, much is required.” They have decided to live their life paying forward to others what was paid forward to them, changing the world one family at a time. They hope to help people to live their lives in a way that fulfills their God­-given purpose and potential.

As one of Trevor and Lexi’s greatest heroes and life coach used to tell them, “The greatest use of your life is to live your life so that the use of your life outlives your life.”

Legacy is greater than currency.

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