Our Community

The most spectacular part of our entrepreneurial journey has been the community we’ve built with incredible people along the way. When you meet others who dream big, cheer you on, and want to change the world together, you hang on to them!

We can’t wait for you to meet our community below and discover why they are just so fantastic!

“We are becoming the best versions of ourselves because of Trevor and Lexi. We know our dreams are tangible because of the examples we see around us.  

We are so grateful for the chance they took on us when they were coming back from their journey of triumph. We are forever grateful.”

It was amazing to meet great people in Trevor and Lexi who were willing to teach others what they know. It wasn’t hard for us to trust them because we quickly saw they were people of character and accountability. It’s been an incredible journey and we are so grateful for their kindness. 

“We are so grateful for this family and consider them to be some of our closest friends! Trevor and Lexi have been our role models and have helped us in our journey as entrepreneurs. We strive to emulate the example of family legacy they demonstrate by helping others reach their goals just like they’ve done for us. Thank you Trevor and Lexi for who you are and all you do!” 

“Trevor and Lexi have helped us identify our values, encouraged us to commit ourselves to excellence and have since become some of our best friends. We feel forever grateful for having met them and are excited about our path in life.” 

Our dreams have grown to one day making the same impact as Trevor and Lexi. We are extremely excited and look forward to what’s to come and know that we have the opportunity to live out a huge part of our purpose which is to serve and make an impact. 

“Trevor and Lexi Baker have been instrumental in changing the progression of our lives not only through business mentorship but also our personal journey within our lives. They have helped us develop and achieve goals in life we never knew were possible by believing in us before we believed in ourselves. We are so grateful and will continue to pay it forward through servant leadership.” 

“What it comes back to is what you can do for other people.” – Lexi Baker 

We are so grateful for the Baker’s guidance in our lives. We were blown away that they would take us under their wing on our entrepreneurial journey. Our home has more peace and hope for the future because of our relationship with such wonderful leaders.” 

“This is an incredible space that has allowed us to dream again, knowing that they will become a reality through hard work and consistency … all because of the relationships and people we have in our corner.” 

Our marriage, our children, and our values have all been impacted by having Trevor and Lexi in our lives. We are extremely grateful for the value that good leadership brings! 

“We were always looking for ways to get ahead. Then the right time came, and we were very fortunate to meet people that opened the door for us. We are so blessed! 

“Trevor and Lexi have become our best friends, role models, and most precious relationship. We have grown in practically every aspect of life to become the people God designed us to become.” 

Deep inside there was a feeling that we were meant for and capable of more – though we weren’t very clear on exactly what that meant. When we met the Bakers, we suddenly saw what was possible. Outside of our faith, the relationships we’ve built have been the greatest influence on moving us toward living out our purpose and maximizing our impact, which is why we are so grateful to have them in our lives.” 

“Our dream is to make an impact.” – Trevor Baker

We are learning from those around us that have the results that we want, and that has enabled us to be on track to achieve a future we never thought possible! We are truly grateful for Trevor and Lexi, for continuing to bless our lives. 

“Trevor and Lexi have impacted and changed the trajectory of our family’s lives. We are forever grateful!” 

“Servant leadership is all about putting the needs of others first and empowering them to achieve their goals. Trevor and Lexi Baker are servant leaders through and through. 

We are forever grateful for their friendship and guidance as it has forever impacted who we are and what we do!” 

“So grateful that we’ve been able to live our life in alignment with our values. We’re so blessed with incredible lifelong friendships that we truly cherish.” 

“We are SO grateful to Trevor and Lexi and the entire Baker Family for their love and support. We cannot imagine how we would have reached our goals and dreams without them!” 

“Because of Trevor and Lexi and their leadership, now our life is in a completely different place, and we are excited for our future and what is to come!” 

“You have what it takes, right now.” -Lexi Baker

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