Five Ways to Gift Experiences for Christmas 

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Lifestyle, Marriage and Family

We love focusing on the reason we celebrate Christmas, which is Jesus! But we also love being able to share blessings with others in the form of gifts during this special season. However, rather than accumulating more stuff, we’ve compiled a list of fun ways to gift experiences for Christmas this year! 

With this list, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones to enjoy all year round. 

People on the swings at an amusement park.

The Gift of Fun! 

The first way to gift experiences for Christmas is by gifting seasonal, annual, or even 1 time passes to local activities! Check out these four fun ideas below: 

  • Amusement parks: Do you have local amusement parks? Consider gifting a seasonal pass to be enjoyed all year long. If there aren’t any amusement parks nearby, a family fun center pass or gift card is another exciting option. 
  • Museums: An annual pass (or even 1-time pass) to a nearby museum offers fun and education! And for a young family, a science museum can provide hours of entertainment. 
  • Zoos: A seasonal pass to the zoo for the whole family is a great way to not only have inexpensive fun, but to give back as zoos often use their resources for research and rescue efforts. 
  • Broadway® Theater: Do you have a theater goer in the family? Most theaters offer seasonal tickets to touring Broadway shows. Surprise them with a season pass or tickets to an upcoming performance.  
A cookie decorated with a rainbow with frosting piping bags lying next to it.

The Gift of Creativity 

The next way to gift experiences for Christmas is helping others get creative. The list of options is truly endless, but here are four ways to gift creativity to friends and family. 

  • Crafting supplies: Know a crafty person? Offer crafting supplies like markers, fun paper, stickers, and more!  
  • Pottery painting: Do you have a local pottery painting business nearby? What a fun way to spend quality time with a loved one by painting your own pottery and getting to bring it home with you as a physical gift! 
  • A baking set: If you’re looking for a gift for an aspiring baker, get some decorating tools for them so they can practice their craft. 
  • An Etsy™ gift card: Gift your crafty kid, spouse, or friend an Etsy gift card so that they can find something creative for themselves while supporting other creative small businesses! 
Painting easels set up on a table with supplies for a painting class.

The Gift of Education 

More and more there are opportunities around town to have fun with experiences. Check out the lessons or classes that are offered in the area. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Cooking class: Learn a new craft in the kitchen! This can be an especially fun gift for a spouse to be used as a date night in the future. 
  • Art lessons: Do you have an artist in your family? Gift them with art lessons (whether online or in person). You could even send them to a “paint night” session. 
  • Music or singing lessons: Gift someone the joy of learning a new instrument. This includes the instrument of their voice! 
  • A bookstore gift card: Let your loved one pick out their own educational experience by gifting them a bookstore gift card. 📚 
Old books lay on a table with shelves of books in the background.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving (Subscriptions/Memberships) 

A unique way to give experiences for Christmas is a membership or subscription service! Although there are various ways to do this, here are four ideas: 

  • Online gym membership: Going to the gym isn’t the only way to stay healthy anymore. The gym can come to you! With online apps like FitOn™, you can offer a membership to a passionate health junky to help them get their stretch, yoga, or workout on at home! 
  • Bookstore membership: Did you know that bookstores like Barnes & Noble™ have annual memberships? For $39.99/year (as of October 2023), members enjoy many perks including discounts on books, free shipping, free gifts, and more!  
  • Subscription box: Provide a year’s worth of a unique subscription box service that fits the interests of your giftee! Browse Cratejoy™ to find the perfect box.  
  • Healthy Food subscription: Help a parent out! With busy lives, food subscriptions are a helpful and practical gift for any household. Daily Harvest™ provides healthy smoothies. Thrive Market™ is an online discounted grocery store. Instacart™ is a grocery delivery service. Have fun and get creative.  
A woman wearing a green backpack, orange jacket, and a red beanie takes a picture of hot springs at Yellowstone National Park.

The Gift of Adventure 

Adventure is out there! And the best part is there is something for everyone. But here are just a few ideas on how to gift adventure for Christmas this year: 

  • Escape Rooms: Challenge the mind as a family! Take the whole family on an outing to an escape room and see if you can work together to get out. 🗝️ 
  • A round of golf (or mini golf for kids): Any golfers in the family? Gift a round of golf. ⛳️ 
  • National Parks: Nothing says “adventure” more than visiting a national park. Gift an annual membership to your adventurous friends or family! 
  • The Adventure Challenge™: Have you heard of The Adventure Challenge books? The idea behind the book is to scratch off a random experience and simply follow through with doing it! They have a couple’s edition or a family edition.  

Bonus Ideas: Free Gifts! 

If you’re looking for free gifting options, not to worry … let’s get creative with these ideas: 

  • Create a scavenger hunt: Put together a scavenger hunt of all of your favorite spots around town. Gift it as a fun day out with friends or family. 
  • Make a coupon book: Go old school with the classic personalized coupon book. Depending on who it’s for you can include something like: MOVIE NIGHT, YOUR CHOICE! 
  • Do a book exchange: Have a group of friends willing to have a book exchange? Everybody brings a book from their home and when you gather, do a white elephant style gift exchange. No one has to spend money, but everyone walks away with something new to them! 

Gift Experiences for Christmas to Be Enjoyed All Year Round! 

Although giving physical gifts is not a bad thing, sometimes the novelty of them wears off soon after Christmas (especially for kids). Gifting experiences is a way for your family to enjoy time together all year long! 

And if you want more ideas on spending more time together with your family, check out the blog we wrote on planning one-on-one time with your kids