Four Mindsets to Help You Stay Focused When Filled With Distress

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Mindset

The ability to focus is a common trait you will notice with high achievers. They have their eyes set on a fixed goal and steadily work towards it. This is a commendable skill because it takes strong discipline and willpower to shut off distractions that abound. With so many things to steal our attention away from a given task, staying glued to what we need to accomplish is already difficult under normal circumstances. So what happens when your mind is filled with worries and anxiety? Should you just give in and let worries eat you up? A better approach is to be as determined as ever to fight off the negative emotions that threaten to swallow your confidence and focus. The following are some mindsets you can adopt to help you do that:

Worrying solves nothing.

We all tend to worry when we start to see that things are getting out of hand. This situation can make us forget or even abandon our goals as we shift our focus to the problems before us. However, it pays to take a minute to realize that no amount of worrying can solve or remove the problem. Instead of panicking, it is better to take a deep breath and strive to remain calm. Ditch worrying and stay calm so you can easily shun any worried out of your mind.

Quitters never win.

It is not always the best who end up as winners. Sometimes, they are the people who stay in the game until the end. This means that you have a lot to lose if you allow anxious emotions to crush your willingness to stay committed to a task until it is finished. If you wish to end up triumphant, you need to find ways to hold on and not give up.

Some things are beyond your control.

Distressing circumstances can make us lose self-confidence. We may even start blaming ourselves or doubt if you are capable of staying focused despite problems. However, many things that happen are beyond our control. And just the fact that you are trying to focus despite struggles means you are doing the best you can. So give yourself a quick pat on the back and stop worrying. It is best to concentrate your energy on things you can control such as your determination to stay focused.

Things will soon get better.

In times of uncertainties, a short but popular Bible verse will be an important reminder, “This too shall pass.” No matter how bad a situation is, things are bound to change sooner or later. So keep on moving forward so you can prepare yourself for better days ahead.

Focus is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in anything. So it is a must to do everything you can to maintain a clear and cool mind so no negative circumstances can steer you away from your goals.