Five Fun At-Home Family Activities

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Marriage and Family

Quality time with the people you love (and live with) is always important! And it turns out, that quality time can happen right in the comfort of your own home. If you need a change from your normal routine and fresh ideas to spice up the time you spend together, here are five fun and cost-effective activities to try out during your next family day! 

An adult with brown hiking shoes on stands with a child in front of them who has black hiking shoes on.

Do a family workout.

While a movie night on the couch is never a bad idea, it’s also fun to get active as a family! At-home workouts have become all the rage lately. In fact, lots of people even prefer them to a normal gym setting. 

Getting your family involved in your routine is great motivation to get you up and moving! Simple activities like going for a walk around the neighborhood or having a dance party are great ways to get out some energy as a family that don’t require much time or effort. Check out toddler yoga to get active with the tiniest members of your family (yes, it’s a real thing!).  

A child with flour on their hands uses a cookie cutter to make gingerbread cookies.

Try out a new recipe.

Tired of the same old dinner options? Grab a cookbook and try out something different!  Get adventurous and make new foods from around the world or teach your kids how to master an old family recipe. As always, Pinterest™ is a fantastic resource if you’re stuck on what to make.  

Rather than eating out, try recreating the foods you love from restaurants in your own home. If you’ve been craving your favorite cheeseburger or ice cream, fire up the grill or make homemade ice cream. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong when food is involved!  

Jumbled pink letters lay on a white table.

Learn a new language.

Nothing helps a family bond more than learning a new skill together, so why not spend your next family night learning a new language? There are tons of resources out there to help you get started like Duolingo™ or Lingualift™.  

Watch your favorite family movie on Netflix™ with subtitles in a different language! That way, you’re still understanding what’s going on while picking up a new phrase or two along the way.   

A person holds a treasure map with a red "X" on it.

Set up a scavenger hunt.

Make the night fun for the kids by setting up an at-home scavenger hunt to get them moving! This doesn’t have to be an expensive activity, and you can use different items you already have in your house to make this work. Check out this article for tips on making your family scavenger hunt one to remember.  

Take this to the next level by adding in a few rewards like candy or a new toy! This is just a little something to make your child’s day more fun and exciting. 

A white hopscotch board is spray painted on the pavement.

Play yard games.

There’s nothing more special than reliving your own childhood with your kids! If the weather is nice, get outside for a good ol’ fashioned game of Capture the Flag, Corn Hole, Four Square, or Hopscotch! 

If you’re looking for another outdoor family activity, gardening is always a good idea. Kids will take ownership in their own little patch of land if they know they had a hand in planting and watering, so make sure to let them get involved as much as you can! Gather a few tips from this article before getting started. 

Take advantage of your time at home together by switching up your nightly routine to keep things fun and exciting. Family bonding activities don’t have to require a lot of planning or money, just a little bit of creativity!  

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