Bringing Out the Best in Your Spouse

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Marriage and Family

There are many qualities that are essential in a loving and lasting relationship. Trust, admiration, respect … the list goes on and on. But one of the most important things you can focus on is doing everything you can to bring out the very best in your spouse.  

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. With everything we have going on, taking the time to build up your significant other and make them feel good about themselves can get put on the back burner. But if you make a conscious effort to magnify your spouse’s strengths every single day, you’d be surprised at the positive changes you start to see in all aspects of your relationship. Here are a few ways you can start doing this today. 

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Accept your partner for who they are.

Whether we realize it or not, sometimes we will try to change the other person and mold them into what we want them to be, rather than just appreciating them for who they are. Over time, this could make your spouse feel like they will never be good enough in your eyes. 

Appreciation is key. Admiration for who your spouse should be your top priority. Here are a few simple ways you can show your appreciation daily.

  • Tell them! There is no better way to show it than by making a point to tell your spouse how much you appreciate what they do for you every day.
  • Treat them to a special dinner just because.
  • Write them a card or letter explaining your gratitude.
  • Let them relax. If they’ve been working hard recently, show them you notice by offering to do work around the house.
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Never stop pursuing each other.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of “dating your spouse” long after you’ve said, “I do.” Committing to making sure your spouse is getting the very best of you is going to help bring out the very best in them. It’s always a good feeling to know that you’re worth someone’s greatest effort, no matter how long you’ve been together. 

Set aside some time each week for date night, just the two of you. Turn off your cell phones and be fully present in the moment with each other. Spending intentional time together to focus on your relationship every so often is so important.

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Support your spouse’s dreams.

Nothing kills a dream faster than knowing the person whose validation you seek most doesn’t believe in you. In a relationship, you have the distinct responsibility of building up your partner’s dreams and letting them know that you have full confidence that they’ll achieve them.  

If you have a particularly creative spouse, you could see their dreams change often. While it’s important to keep them grounded, you should be willing to pivot with them. Listen to their plans, give your opinion when it’s needed, and help them find avenues toward success. Being actively involved and showing excitement for what they’re doing could be their biggest motivation to achieve their dreams. 

Trevor and Lexi Baker smile for the camera.

You are your own worst critic, just as your partner is their own worst critic. That’s why it’s necessary for you to remind them regularly of how great they are. Point out the strengths that they may not see in themselves and remind them of those strengths daily.  

A study found that people who felt like their partner had a greater appreciation for their strengths reported more satisfying relationships. They were more likely to feel that their partner was supportive of them and willing to help them grow. Most importantly, these people were more likely to appreciate their own strengths once their partner recognized them.  

Bringing out the best in your partner is important to bringing out the best in your relationship. Celebrating each other’s strengths and supporting each other as you each work to better yourselves is only going to help your relationship grow. 

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