Trevor and Lexi baker

Notes From The Bakers


A Beginner’s Guide to Organic Food 

You’ve seen organic food in the grocery store, but maybe you don’t really understand the point. It can seem like it’s just the more expensive version of the same food that you usually buy, and why would you pay more for the same thing?  The truth is that while...

An assortment of vegetables are in baskets at a farmer’s market.

Five Positive Daily Mantras

Let’s talk daily mantras. Words are powerful. If you tell someone they’re a great leader, it’s likely they’ll become more confident in their ability to direct others. If you tell someone they’re doing a terrible job, they’ll probably become negative about their...

A person holds a handful of purple flowers.

Small Ways to Live a Happy Life

Are you happy? Your gut instinct may be to reply, “Yes, of course I am!” However, a survey found that just 14% of Americans would consider themselves to be very happy, which is down from 31% in 2018. What’s changed?  Day by day, we tend to fall into routines....