3 Undeniable Reasons to Seek a Mentor

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Mentorship isn’t something that’s given freely; mentorship has to be earned. It has to be sought by the mentee and accepted by the mentor. Truth be told, almost everyone in the world could benefit from the help of a mentor. Why is it, then, that so few people seek out that mentoring relationship? Perhaps it’s because it’s difficult to find the right mentor—and even when you find the right mentor, you have to establish that relationship and build that dynamic up with them.

In any case, there are at least three undeniable reasons to seek a mentor.

You’re Able to Tap into Experience Beyond Your Years

This is not to say that you have to seek a mentor who’s significantly older than you are. Great mentors know no age. Still, having a mentor means being able to tap into experience beyond your years. It has nothing to do with how gray their hair is and everything to do with the ways in which their life experiences differ from yours.

You can always glean new and useful insights from whomever you choose as your mentor—whether they’re 25 or 75.

You Gain an Invaluable Sounding Board

Life can feel like a pretty solitary journey at times. Even when you’re married and have kids, there can still be moments where you feel totally alone—like no one could possibly understand or relate to the thoughts you’re having about your life’s trajectory.

In those moments, it is beyond valuable to have a sane sounding board. Mentors are fantastic for providing that kind of feedback and reassurance in perfect measure.  Mentors can help to keep you sane—and, more than that, keep you on track.

You Broaden Your Network and Support System

There is no such thing as a network or support system that’s too wide or too deep. When you take on a mentor in your life, you inherently broaden those aspects and, consequently, your prospects. But don’t let mentorship be about seeking out opportunities to get ahead. Let it be a way to support your goals and your dreams.

In the end, your support system and your network should help to propel you forward in more than just business-related ways. Mentors become more akin to family and close friends if you let them—and as such, they will always have your best holistic interests at heart. Doesn’t that sound undeniably great?


  1. Chris Garcia

    Mentorship really is a life changer. I’m glad my wife and I found the incredible people we know and love today. Without them I’m sure my life would be radically different.

  2. Adrian

    Prior to seeking out and earning mentorship the trajectory of my life was headed nowhere fast. A mentor has been absolutely vital to turning my life around and actually pursuing something of more substance than having a good time on weekends. I was always seeking a positive role model and example but never knew where to find it, and i finally found that in my mentor!

  3. Jackie

    I hate to think where our family would be without our amazing mentors. Thank you so much for always being there for us!

  4. Kristin Nicole Gonzales

    “Show me your mentor, I will show you your future. If you do not have a mentor, you are living it.” Powerful words that everyone should hear. So thankful for the mentors in my life!

  5. Paul

    Mentorship in life is what everyone is looking for but most don’t even realize it.

  6. Belinda

    Earning mentorship and building the communication with my mentor has really changed my life for the better. Knowing that I have someone that is willing to take time and money to drive out to be that sounding board of encouragement without judgement and having complete belief In me Has brought the best out of me. Not only having someone that listens to understand but also to be honest with you to your face and Thanks to that true friendship I more aware of myself. I am no longer emotionally unstable because I listen to a women that knows what’s logic and what is not. Thanks to her my man knows what women he is coming home to. Our mentors have changed our life and I will always be thankful but through action of Not give up on myself or my spouse we will really show them that we are taking our lives seriously. Thanks for writing this blog it gave more clarification for me.

  7. Nick

    You can tell a lot about a person from the books that they read, and the people they associate with. A mentor gives you insight and clarity to things you may not be able to see. Both my wife and I have transformed our lives for the better, and well on track to be the people we are meant to be because of the mentorship we have earned.

  8. Frankie C.

    My fiancé and I feel blessed to have met Trevor and Lexi. We were already heading down the path of success we were conditioned to growing up in before we met them and thought we had it made. After going through a vetting/educational process, we were selected to be mentored in life so we could create significance and design our life based on our own agenda instead of our employers agenda. To be mentored in life so we can truly make an impact on this country and on our family tree. It is an honor to have people like this in our life that are selfless and willing to bring other people along side them so we can also create a legacy for our family. Because of them we’ll be a free family very soon.

  9. Layla Nix

    So true! The only way to get where you want to go in life is to find someone that lives that life and convince them that you are a worthwhile investment of their time and money. How incredible that someone has given up a portion of their life that they can never get back so that we can live an incredible life? Mentorship is the greatest gift.

  10. Olivia M

    I’m so grateful to be connected to such amazing people who set a phenomenal example. Their example challenges me to be a better person everyday, even more than I wanted to before knowing them. I remember being in college thinking what my life would be like after I had “arrived,” and it didn’t look appealing to me whatsoever. A life spent mostly working for someone else and for money is a purposeless life and I wanted more. We only have one life to live, so take risks and live it to the fullest. We all need someone in our life to be a mentor, just like in sports or any other arena, if you want to be successful, follow someone who is living the life you desire. It’s that simple.

    • Chianne

      I thought I had “arrived” when I was living a life of utter complacency. I’m glad Trevor and Lexi showed me another way!

  11. Enick

    Mentorship is an amazing vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most under-utilized vehicles in society today. This is especially true when it comes to holistic mentorship, referring to the guidance of a mentor to improve oneself in all aspects of life: relationships, finances, spiritual, etc. You might have a “mentor” at work who can show you how to be a better employee, but does that mentor exhibit success in the other areas of life? Undeniably, the most important aspects to mentorship are trust and communication.

  12. Melissa

    I think one of the greatest decisions I have ever made for myself, my relationship, and my future family was to receive guidance and follow the advice of those who have fruit on the tree in the area of life that I need guidance in. I’ve stopped asking my divorced family and single friends for relationship advice. I’ve stopped asking anyone with debt for financial input. Now, I am on a path to accomplish every one of my goals because now I know who to ask for help.

  13. Brittany

    My life without a mentor is completely predictable, Completely average, completely insignificant, completely not what I had intended it to look like from a very young age. My mentor validated that I indeed wasn’t like everyone else like I had always known deep down. Sometimes you have to have the wise and unbiased lead to you to guide you into your destiny.

  14. DiAnna Arellano

    I couldn’t be more grateful for seeking and earning mentorship. At my age, it is easy to see why mentorship is important. Being in my 30’s and not being anywhere near where I thought I would be, or wanted to be, or felt I should be by now. Realizing it was because I hadn’t had the kind of people who lived the lives I wanted to live around me. Learning the power of association through mentorship has really changed my mindset in more ways than one.

  15. Andrew A.

    This is a game changer! Especially since my mentores have mostly been my academic teachers and bosses! My teachers never pursued a path into entrepreneurship, so, they couldn’t help me achieve that lifestyle. My bosses didn’t want to raise up their own competition, so every time I tried to learn about how they started/run their business they gave me a pat on the head and sent me back to work! It’s unbelievable to know I have someone in my corner who is living the lifestyle I want to achieve and is willing to go above and beyond to help me achieve it! I can’t thank you both enough! You’ve impacted my life in a big way! Love you guys!

  16. Chris

    We are forever grateful to Trevor & Lexi for investing their time into us and helping us change our futures for generations.

  17. Katherine H.

    I am grateful every day for mentorship, and for people like Trevor and Lexi who were willing to stick out their hand to help another human being through life. Their mentorship will literally change our family for generations to come, and we will pay forward what they have paid to us, ten-fold.

  18. Michael James Duran

    I read this recently in a John C. Maxwell book, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This couple does care. Earning mentorship from Trevor & Lexi, a couple who are highly successful in all the areas of life I want to be successful in was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I could not walk away from that. They are helping me see – through their own daily actions (actions speak louder than words, right?) – what is truly important in life, how to speak the truth, and what it looks like to truly live by your values. They have shown me a path to…win at life. I am forever grateful.

    • Falon C

      That was beautiful, Michael. I completely agree. You hit it on the nail!

  19. Chianne

    I love that mentorship is holistic and that we had to earn it. We’re blessed to be completely debt free because of Trevor and Lexi! Onward to full family freedom!

  20. Katherine

    I wish I had known to seek out a mentor earlier in life in the different paths I was pursuing. Everything happens for a reason though, and I’m glad I met Trevor and Lexi when I did. They opened up a whole new way of thinking for my husband and I, but we wouldn’t be married or be totally debt free if it hadn’t been for them. We owe everything to them, as we are on the path to being a free family in the next 18 months. Thank you Trevor and Lexi!

  21. ashlee

    great points, love that i have a mentors brain and mindset to help us make life decisions!

  22. John

    Would you trade places with the person you take advice from?

    • Falon

      That is such a great question! Didn’t even know to ask myself before mentorship.

  23. Erin

    So blessed to have earned mentorship with Trevor and Lexi. Open, honest people who listen with out judgment and truly care about you. Mentorship changes everything!

  24. Camille Ho

    My husband and I are so thankful that we saw an opportunity for mentorship and went after it with everything we had. We’ve grown so much as people and are finally becoming who we want to be! Thank you, Trevor and Lexi, for the legacy you are leaving and the people who’s lives you are changing!

  25. DeLane

    You can only get yourself so far on your own, allowing someone to speak into your life, who has the success you are trying to achieve, helps you avoide major setbacks and achieve your goals faster! Why wouldn’t you want that!?

  26. Leila G.

    Mentorship changes lives, if you take and apply that mentorship. So grateful that people like Trevor and Lexi changed my perspective on life, to know there’s more than living for the here and now – that there’s a life of abundance and Legacy! It’s incredible to see them live out some of the dreams they’ve always had, and to know I can live out my dreams, too!

  27. Sara Holton

    Looking back on my life before earning mentorship from such an incredible couple, I’m so grateful for where my husband and I are headed now together as a team, hand in hand. Thank you Trevor and Lexi for the extraordinary example you set and continue to set. Thank you Trevor for always telling me the reality and truth of a situation to pull the greatness inside of me, out -something I always thought I was capable of but doubted I could accomplish. Thank you Lexi for encouraging me to take the wheel over my life and have the courage to accept responsibility for my dreams and ambitions. I’ve come a long way and still have far to go but I no longer doubt my ability to achieve great things in my one and only life because I have you on my side rooting for me.

  28. Jim

    be intentional about who you take advice from.

  29. Yvonne F.

    We are so grateful to have met and earned mentorship from Trevor and Lexi!!! Their example in every aspect of their lives was completely mind-blowing to Jason and I and we HAD to pursue them and find out what they knew. Of course I wish we would have met them years ago, but people come into your life when they are supposed to and we are so thrilled to now be living a life of significance and impact. Couldn’t imagine living any other way!! We are so blessed!!!!

  30. Brian

    Mentorship provides a support mechanism as well as guidance on issues that someone has been through or knows about. I’m glad i’ve got some great mentors in my life because its helped me to continually move towards my goals.

  31. Cheryl

    “Great Mentors know no age”; It’s definitely the truth! I am super excited to have the Mentors that I do have. It has been amazing to know what my Mentors have gone through and what they now have in their hands. I am lost for words most of the time when I am around my amazing Mentors; they blow my mind! I’m just thankful to have this opportunity to be surrounded by Great Leaders! Thank you so much:)

  32. Bonnie Scialabba

    I always grew up wanting more out of life but just never knew how to get there until Trevor and Lexi Baker came into our lives. Once my husband and I met them, we knew that we had to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to earn their mentorship. Ever since then, our lives and family tree have forever been changed. They have taught us that there is more to life than just consuming and existing. They have shown us how to live a life of IMPACT and making a difference in this world. My favorite quote is “to so live your life so that the use of your life will outlive your life” and Trevor and Lexi are the ultimate representation of those words and are now in the process of teaching thousands to do the same. There are no words to describe how great full we are to this incredible couple, we will just have to show them how great full we are by paying forward what was paid forward to us. We love you!

  33. Jamie Firzlaff

    AMAZING people inside and out! They have and are continuing to change my families legacy for generations! I never would have thought I could meet a couple that loves people so much to pay it forward and change so many lives including mine! Especially knowing that they don’t have to do what they do…. I’m grateful EVERYDAY that my husband and I have earned their mentorship in every area of life! Our lives are forever changed because of Trevor and Lexi Baker! We love you!

  34. Greg

    Trevor and Lexi are accomplishing amazing things in the lives of those they are mentoring. Debt is being systematically eliminated, marriages are getting stronger, people are living with purpose and discovering what their calling is. There are no silver bullets for success, but the people who are fortunate enough to get under their tutorage, are having great results. My family is better off, as a result of them being in our lives.

  35. Alejandro Díaz

    Definitely was completely unaware of the concept of a mentor, until someone showed me what the value of a mentor and fruit of the tree of the mentor. Seeking the relationship and mentorship with Trevor and Lexi has been the best decision I have ever made in my whole entire life, thanks for your coaching and leadership that you bring to my fiancé and I. We’re completely blessed to have you in our back pocket and utilize your brains. Thank you Trevor and Lexi from the bottom of our hearts.

  36. Jamie Firzlaff

    There are no words to express the gratitude we have for Trevor and Lexi Baker! They have changed our families legacy forever.. two selfless people that care about others and pay it forward when they don’t have to! They’re AMAZING individuals, my husband and I are so grateful to have earned their mentorship in our lives, and for that we are eternally grateful. We have and will continue to cherish the holistic mentorship and friendship that we have from them!! Thank you Trevor and Lexi! We love you!!

  37. Miguel

    It’s amazing to have You guys in our lives. If you aim at nothing you will hit it so it’s best to have a mentor that can help you with what having goals are and that can guide you through the right path so you won’t be wandering through your life hoping you had a good one.

  38. Eduardo Valdez

    We cannot let the fear of unknown consequences become our own prison of inactivity. Mentorship has changed my life.

  39. Marissa Travieso

    My life was great before I earned mentorship. For my wife and me. Add in anyone else I cared about needing anything significant, lack of time and lack of money became my dictator. Thank you for showing us how to live a life of contribution, not just consumption.

  40. Falon C

    We are so blessed to be mentored by incredible people.

  41. Paul Colacino

    Our life wouldn’t have the trajectory it now does without mentorship (applied.)

  42. Ikaika

    my wife and I are truly grateful for the mentorship that we have earned from Trevor and Lexi. They have forever changed the landscape of our family tree and I would have never been able to do that without their mentorship. (Show me your mentor and I’ll show you your future)

  43. Falon C.

    I am so grateful for the mentorship of people who have everything that I want in life.

  44. Yvonne F.

    It’s amazing how many people stop learning and growing the moment they graduate. I’m so grateful we now know that if we’re not growing, we’re dying. Seeking mentorship is now our lifestyle. Thank you, Trevor and Lexi!!

  45. Faith F

    All the love in the world to you both, Trev and Lex. You guys have changed my whole world, and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for consistently impacting Las Vegas.
    20/20/20 Team! ??

  46. Frankie Roman

    Mentorship is such a valuable thing. I think seeking a mentor in the areas you want to succeed is one of the wisest things a person can do.

  47. Zach

    It’s truly invaluable to have a mentor who’s in a position you want to be in threw this life. With credibility threw trial and error. If you have a desire to be above average it’s beyond critical you convince a mentor to take you under their wing!

  48. Collins

    Mentorship has truly impacted our family

  49. Raezel Reeves

    So incredibly thankful for our amazing mentors!!

  50. Irina

    Thank you so much for being such a great example! I couldn’t be more proud to be mentored by you! I’m so excited to become the person I was meant to be I can’t sleep most of the nights and before I met you I didn’t want to wake up taken over by a depression and despair. Thank you for pouring into my life I will one day pay it forward:) You ARE the change in the world and I m working hard towards becoming one too. See you on the other side of success! Forever grateful and humbled

  51. Lindsay

    Amazingly true! You the sum of the people you spend the most time with.

  52. Kristian pangelinan

    Mentorship is so much more than people think it is. Everyone needs a mentor. Not just a friend but a mentor. Someone of whom which can be honest and loving all at the same time. Giving you what’s best by their experience and by the case you have yourself. Yes it may be weird at first but the more you experience and share that with them, the more they will bond and create that relationship with you. mentorship can only be experienced not explained. Love to all those whom have mentored me.

  53. Erik Chevalier Perron

    Mentorship, as a whole, has transformed me. It has given me the confidence, motivation and belief in myself to overcome my fear of pursuing my dreams. It has helped reconnect my mother and I, I’ve learned patience, discipline and how to time block for the things that really are important in achieving your goals. Trevor and Lexi, I love you guys. Thank you for being the beacon of hope, the lighthouse for me to see on a stormy night. Everyday is a new day for growth, and I owe it to myself and to our team to be the best I can be. Fired up!


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