3 Small Changes That Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Marriage

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Marriage isn’t always a picnic; it certainly isn’t always a walk in the park, either. When the honeymoon has come to an end, both literally and metaphorically, it can be difficult to bounce back and remember what made you commit your life to that person in the first place.

Luckily, there are some small, easy changes that you can make that can have a huge impact on your marriage.

Plan At Least One Date Night Per Week

Speaking of picnics and walks in the park, there’s no better way to regain that honeymoon feeling than by planning at least one date night per week.

The dates don’t have to be extravagant. Five-star restaurants don’t have to be a part of the plan every week. You just have to set aside a night or an afternoon for you and your spouse to have alone time to reconnect. This may be difficult, especially if you have kids. But, it’s worth every penny you’ll spend on babysitters to be able to save the most precious asset of all: your relationship with your husband or wife.

Get Rid of Distractions During Alone Time

On the topic of alone time, it’s important to note that distractions should play no part in your date nights. As much as possible, try to unplug from your phone, computer, or tablet and enjoy being present in the moment.

Because modern life is so hectic, and technology makes everyone feel as though they must be connected at all times, it can understandably be a challenge to follow this rule. You don’t have to unplug all the time—just be conscious of the amount of screen time you’re indulging in around your spouse. Your husband or wife is the most important person in your life; treat them as such by turning off the TV and putting your phone away for at least an hour a day.

Remember That Your Spouse is On Your Team

Again, your husband or wife is the most important person in your life. You should treat them as though this were the truest statement you’ve ever heard. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life.”

All too often, people take their husband or wife for granted. They forget that a spouse should be a best friend, and most people treat their best friend better than anyone else they know. Your spouse is on your team; you should always try to be on theirs.


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    Thank you for impacting our marriage in a huge way, and helping us overcome ourselves to become great together. Love you guys!

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      Love that! You’re so right. They’re helping us compliment each other’s strengths and fill in for each other’s weaknesses

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    Thank you Trevor and Lexi take time to write how important a relationship between a husband and wife is. My boyfriend and I have made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and have had many picnics at various parks. Turning off our phones and unplugging the tv and even getting rid of it has helped us so much we actually talk about US not about a show that will never impact our future. Growing up and seeing my parents get divorced which in turn the whole family did because communication was shattered and surrounded by all my military families and seeing their divorce really has effected me when I was younger but seeing a couple that is all in committed in a relationship. I learned so much from you both but most importantly that Love is an action not a feeling! Thank you!

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    These are some great tips! I think getting rid of distractions is a hard one for our generation. I don’t know the amount of couples I see sitting in a restaurant that both are on their phones doing separate things. I know that being aware of this has changed things for my spouse and I. Our communication is better and date night is way more fun! Thanks for these. I’m totally sharing them on my facebook.

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    These are so simple and at the same time so full of impact! My wife and I are excited to implement these into our daily lives!

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