Trevor and Lexi Baker

Pushing Daily To Influence The World

Values Make An Impact

When we wake up, we are faced with a day full of choices. How you respond to your opportunities and challenges will craft a pool of possibilities for you to change your life. Trevor and Lexi Baker have spent years dedicating their energy to building their legacy of inspiration.
Learning Daily

Lessons from the Bakers

Legacy is Greater Than Currency

What are you doing to inspire others?

Throughout life, the Bakers have been on both the traditional side and the intentional path of building their dreams. At the beginning of their journey, they learned ways of life they were instructed to accept. Along the way, they realized that there were so many more options available to them to craft their dream life from those that have inspired them. As they have progressed, they have worked to spread their knowledge and secrets to their colleagues to inspire them to reach their fullest potential. How are you going to motivate others to live their dreams?

What Inspires Us